I have No Kids, I Have a Dog!


…it isn’t by choice, it just wasn’t meant to be. This boy gets all the love in the world from both my husband and I. He is loved dearly and yes, spoiled rotten. But he is enough to get us through the loneliness of not having a child…

Back Again…

It has been too long since I stopped by my blog. Life caught up with me, I guess. I hope everyone is well and enjoying what’s left of the year. I will try my best to come back more often, in the meantime, say hello to my little friend…(sorry, can’t help it ;P)Bijoux

Ten Thousand Brush Strokes

“Every production of an artist should be the expression of an adventure of his soul.”

                                                                                                                                                        ~W. Somerset Maugham

Manhattan BeachImage was processed using the new Topaz Impression